About Me

Hi there, my name is Carolyn Seager and I'm a writer, photographer and freelance events and communications bod. 


In essence, I'm a storyteller, a cantadora here to shine a little light into the world.


It used to be a very different story. 


A North Devonian by birth, after University in Oxford I spent most of my career working as a communications professional for corporates such as Sony Playstation (International PR) and large publishing houses like Hearst (Assistant to Editor, ELLE).


After many years of working in London, I returned to the golden beaches of my childhood, yearning for the surf and the wild energy of the sea, the open road and the untamed coastline. I needed a far simpler, natural lifestyle that only the Atlantic horizon could offer.

The Ocean now plays an integral part in my life. I'm in it or alongside of it most of the time and I feel duty bound to protect it.  Blue Space Therapy is my drug of choice and for those of us who are children of the tides, the call of the sea is a powerful one. 

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I'm now working as a freelance writer, communications and events professional, working with clients who have a strong leaning to eco and ocean protection.  This has included The Cleaner Seas Group, Wave Wahines CIC, Surf South West and the The Offshore Gallery.


I work mostly from my T4, driving up and down the rugged coastline accompanied by my faithful photographic assistant, Surf Dog Bodhi - a black labrador who surfs like a dream. 


I'm now noticing that many others are seeking this simple, transitory existence, living in the now and forging a connection to Mother Nature. In short, finding refuge in a kinder planetary lifestyle.


Could it be that more of us are finally listening to our planet's heartbeat.  

These are my tribe and the people I hope to support through my work. 



To help our planet evolve and thrive in safety, supporting all that make up it's web of life.

To work alongside fellow innovative creatives and artists who are caring for the environment and  introducing next stage technologies, inspirational evolutionary messaging and nature-based health solutions.

To teach, inspire and guide others to self-empowerment so that they may know their worth and in so doing, aid this world.

In essence, to re-connect the human species back to it's planetary Source.

Bit deep, but it comes from the heart.


Photographic Art

Photographic art, poetry and writing have always been my creative overspill.  If you would like to spend a few moment chilling in beauty please pop over to www.seagerworld.co.uk and have a peak at my seascapes, portraiture and books. 

Holistic Health

As a fully qualified therapist, nutritionalist, fitness professional and holistic health consultant I set up Carolyn Seager Naturally to provide a therapeutic wellness service to help you regain optimal health and balance in your lift.  This includes mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. New website will be launched in August ...   


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